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Innovative digital solutions for a sustainable future

We have the heart of a start-up combined with over 30 years of experience

We are leaders in the development of software solutions for the management and control of land resources.
For over thirty years, we have supported players in the agricultural sector to meet the challenges of digital transformation.

Abaco Digital Soil Health
Sustainable, profitable and productive farming

We support farmers and supply chains in measuring and improving soil health.
he target matches the government’s ambition:
“by 2030, all England’s soils will be managed sustainably and degradation threats tackled successfully”.

Data is our DNA

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Data from Earth Observation

We analyse data and generate indices from satellite images, aerial photos and drones. Combining information from EO with A.I. we can automatically identify features such as trees, agricultural plots, map fire damage and more.

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Data from IoT sensors

We collect data from the field through IoT sensors, smart traps and geo-referenced mobile applications to generate dashboards and decision support tools, safeguarding crops from damage caused by insects, weather and disease.

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Customised dashboards

We design business process workflows, providing users with easy-to-read dashboards, that simplify the management and fulfillment of administrative tasks and the physical work itself, through the use of apps in the field.

Innovating agriculture, investing on the future of the planet

Agritech and smart farming

A modular solution, aimed at the agro-industry, uses spatial and agronomic data from satellites and field sensors, for the complete management of supply chains and farms in the primary sector.

Digitisation of agricultural policies

We provide a comprehensive digital suite dedicated to national and local governmental needs designed to monitor and manage funds, national policies and agriculture-related digitisation and sustainability projects.

Abaco Digital Soil Health

A digital application to address the challenges of innovation and sustainability in agriculture: Abaco Digital Soil Health provides innovative advice on steps to improve soil quality.

Sustainability is our business

Since 2021, ABACO is among the 100 outstanding Italian companies in the field of sustainability, which have been fully included in the Forbes Italy ranking, compiled by Credit Suisse and Kon Group.

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