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The story of those who chose innovation

Over time, we have supported our clients along a path identified together. By working on specific needs, we have enabled them to achieve tangible goals and long-term benefits.

Discover the story of those who chose us to transform their business and enter the world of innovation.

Complete management of agricultural practices

Smooth and comprehensive management of agricultural practices.
How? By developing and implementing a comprehensive management platform that includes EU-compliant Farm Register functionalities that are in transition, Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS) and the Integrated Payment Calculation Control System, as well as the incoming ELM and SFI schemes and standards . A government that is now able to deliver payments in full and on time, as well as having dramatically reduced the overall percentage of dossiers blocked due to processing errors, even in such a critical period of transition following the UK’s EU exit (50 million hectares managed, 200 customers, 4100 farms managed, 2500 users). 

Good practices for a real digital transition

Realising “good practices” for the digital transition of governments.
How? By simplifying control procedures to ensure proper implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy and thus enable simplified management of the entire funding cycle, from application to allocation of EU structural funds or national rural development policies.

Measuring the impact of land use on water quality

It is important to measure and understand the impact of land use on water quality. The project delivered for Welsh Water allowed the monitoring of the land use obtaining the measure outcomes. Their primary interest was to show how Glyphosate (a herbicide) was impacting the quality of water in the catchment area. How? By identifying the most beneficial areas to work, high-risk areas and sources of contamination, using algorithms to help solve the problem of contaminant flow.

Full traceability of the distinctive ingredient

Traceability is increasingly important in this project and it is linked to the essential ingredient in the end product. A guarantee of the reliability of the forecast of production and purchase of the raw material, from all over the world. A guarantee for the consumer, from all over the world.
How? Thanks to standardisation and scalability: a single platform for data processing with real time reporting, achieving efficiency in data collection and reliability of information for a total of 1,744 contracts and 38,000 ha managed.

millions Hectares managed
Farms managed