Traceability abacogroup2022 9 July 2024
We provide an innovative traceability system

The solution allows a simple and intuitive view of collected data thanks to customised dashboards that become the main control panel. The platform allows full traceability of product, from a specific field to the entry of the plant.

Guaranteeing products quality and sustainability

The management processes of the suite are completed of specific functionalities that allow the tracking of the entire life cycle of the product and highlight its paths and individual stages of processing, handling, marketing, accompanied by all accessory events.

Production costs orraw material valuation

The solution enables total control of production and thus supply chain costs to determine the value of the raw material.

Nursery materialmanagement

The solution allows total control of the management of nursery material or seeds, from their production to their acquisition.

Audit andchecklist

It ensures the complete correctness of technical activities, certification, collection documentation through special checklists for the control of sales market access compliance.


Tool to support visits for technical surveys, audits and on-field inspections.

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