Soil Health Giulia 22 May 2023

Abaco Digital Soil Health
Sustainable, profitable and productive farming

We support farmers and supply chains in measuring and improving soil health.
he target matches the government’s ambition:
“by 2030, all England’s soils will be managed sustainably and degradation threats tackled successfully”.

A joint project

The joint project of ABACO Group and the National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB) – a plant and crop science research organisation based in Cambridge – dedicated to digitising soil health systems and aimed at the UK retail sector.
Building on existing knowledge and paper-based solutions, the Digital Soil Health has been developed to an agreed industry standard, with a diversity of end-users. 

Monitoring soil health
thanks to a digital score

Abaco Digital Soil Health establishes a common baseline to measure and interpret Soil Health for each individual field or soil zone. 
This allows farmers to develop site-specific management plans to achieve healthier soil and support profitable and sustainable farming systems.

The Digitally enabled decision-making framework supports the development of Healthier Soil by:
  • Removing constraints to achieve yield potential
  • Improving targeted, efficient nutrient use
  • Increasing yield resilience
  • Reducing need for purchased fertiliser
  • Increasing carbon capture and sequestration
  • Improving water quality
  • Providing better support for biodiversity
Abaco Digital Soil Health will now be trialled by
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