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We have the heart of a start-up combined with over 30 years of experience

We are Europe’s leading provider of software solutions for the management and control of land resources.
From precision agriculture to environmental sustainability, we support industry players in meeting the challenges of digital transformation mainly applied to precision agriculture, by processing and using data from satellite sources and sensors to optimise production processes.
ABACO’s market leading technology solutions will enable farmers and land owners to accelerate the technology transition in agriculture and innovatively address key issues such as water shortages, soil quality and crop yield. 

We combine knowledge and experience to meet current challenges

Over thirty years of experience have enabled the company to anticipate the needs of an evolving market, becoming a trusted partner of the leading industry and government players that today face the challenges of innovation, sustainable development, traceability and productivity.

ABACO already plays a key role in the UK’s agricultural sector, working to technically support institutions such as the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), various Agri-tech research bodies and commercial companies.

Our values

Simplification of the administrative processes regulating agriculture requires clear information, faster handling, and reduced margin for error.
At a time when both governments and players across the agro-industry are facing more and more challenges, it is important to maintain effective communication between all parties, ensuring a clear understanding of the regulations facilitating compliance.

True sustainability is an ambitious but crucial achievement if we want to succeed in “meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising those of the future generation”. We must all be involved and committed if we are to actually succeed in achieving the sustainable development goals of safeguarding the health of the earth and avoiding the collapse of the earth’s ecosystem.

The consumer is increasingly aware and demands (deserves) clarity of information. Quality and food safety are achievable objectives thanks to the traceability and retraceability of products at all stages of harvesting, production, processing and distribution.
From the guarantee of the raw materials used, to the truthfulness of the labels of agricultural products, from the traceability of potentially risky products, to the choice of suppliers.

Helping to produce food in sufficient quantities to meet the needs of an ever-increasing population: this challenge is compounded by increasing complications such as lack of resources, climate change and endangered ecosystems.
The agricultural sector needs support that provides a 360-degree view of all the conditions in which it operates and facilitates full control over its activities.

Diagram Group: our global vision

Abaco Group UK is part of Diagram Group, a technology hub serving agri-businesses, owned by Nextalia, Europe’s most important investment fund in the agritehc sector. Our goal is to promote socio-economic and environmental sustainability in the agrifood supply chain. We work with partners across the agri-food industry, agricultural companies, Governments and Public Administration.

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strategic partners
We have been creating software to map the earth's surface for over 30 years

We created plans with the first plotters to map the orography, reducing the project time for a mine from three weeks to three hours.

We have a 360 degree vision, from governments to single farmers

We bring our experience in UK and EU agricultural policy management and monitoring capabilities to support the agri-industry.

We have a strong know how and specialised multi-disciplinary teams

We identify specific needs and develop scalable , dedicated solutions, utilising our know-how acquired over many years of experience in the field.

Added value

 ABACO’s team come from different parts of the world, have
different professional backgrounds, skill sets, educational and life experiences but all share the same values and mission. 
Our teams consist of technology innovation experts, agronomists,
project managers and sustainability specialists.
ABACO offers open and inclusive working environments, where everyone can express
their uniqueness and grow together as a team.

Always by the clients' side

We support all our clients facing the challenges of digital transformation.