Supply chain abacogroup2022 12 September 2022
We support agri-industry supply chains
We support the agri-industry sector from smart farming, precision agriculture, productivity, traceability and sustainability, all in one place. From the arable and dairy businesses to agronomists, from big players in the agri-industrial sector to agricultural research institutes.
A fully digitised production process

We bring your work from the field to digital domain ensuring effective and customised management processes according to customer and user needs.

Digital fieldoperations

Our digital solutions offer effective and customisable management of field operations, ensuring optimal use of resources and maximising productivity.

Advanced Monitoringand Predictive Analytics

Leverage satellite imagery and IoT devices for precise, real-time monitoring of crop conditions and livestock health. Predictive models help in forecasting crop yields and quality, aiding in strategic planning.


We promote eco-friendly practices by optimising resource use and reducing waste. Detailed sustainability metrics highlight the environmental benefits of our solutions.

Traceabilityand Compliance

Enhance traceability using blockchain technology, providing secure and transparent records. Ensure compliance with local and international regulations, such as EU and UK agricultural standards, with automated checks and detailed documentation.


Our solutions are designed with the user in mind. Customisable dashboards and tailored features cater to the specific needs of agro-industry professionals.


We also offer a complete management solution for the livestock supply chain: a hierarchically organized supply chain platform dedicated to meat producers.

Smart Farming

We bring innovation to the field by integrating and interconnecting 4.0 technologies.