ABACO and ERM for a sustainability-oriented production model Giulia 23 November 2022

ABACO and ERM for a sustainability-oriented production model

Abaco Group and ERM established an agreement to integrate new functionalities in the Abaco Farmer platform.

Rome, Nov. 17, 2022 – Abaco Group, the European reference player in the provision of software solutions for the management and control of land resources for precision agriculture and environmental sustainability, has partnered with ERM, a leader in consulting and projects of international level for the creation of opportunities and solutions that respond to the challenges of sustainability, in order to integrate within the Abaco Farmer platform new functions for the estimation of the Carbon Footprint, Carbon Sink and Water Footprint of the agricultural activity carried out in the field.
The quantification of greenhouse gases and water footprint are indeed crucial elements in defining the environmental impact of agricultural production.

Abaco Farmer is an innovative smart farming platform that, thanks to the enhancement of territorial and agronomic data, can accompany companies to undertake a more efficient and sustainable production model, enabling easier monitoring of farms.

The goal of the agreement, for both companies, is to pool their expertise in the field and thus improve the efficiency of the platform created by Abaco. The idea is to provide farmers with an even more cutting-edge digital measurement tool through which they can gather important information, for example on crop vigor, weather forecasts or water stress, which is increasingly essential for the development of a sustainable production model.

“Our Group has made technological excellence the key to its success and supports its customers in the challenges of digital transformation applied to the agro-industrial world, with the goal of living in a more sustainable world in which productivity and traceability become the main drivers of affordable growth,” said Antonio Samaritani, CEO of Abaco. “Thanks to ERM, which has identified digital as a lever for further business development and customer loyalty, we will be able to enhance our Abaco Farmer solution, rendering an even more efficient service to farmers.”

“ERM, the largest consulting firm exclusively dedicated to sustainability, supports its clients in addressing some of the major challenges globally, including the transition to a low-carbon future and the implementation of robust ESG strategies,” said Francesco Ducco, Managing Director of ERM in Italy. “Never as in the current historical period has sustainability played an increasingly decisive role, and the integration of the digital component represents a real turning point. The partnership with Abaco Group, which we thank for this interesting and innovative opportunity, fits into this context, with the goal of achieving high sustainability performance and competitive advantage, combining process efficiency with the conscious use of resources.”

Abaco, established in 1990, has 30 years of experience in land management software development. Thanks to its vocation for innovation, the company has enabled it to anticipate the needs of an evolving market and become a trusted partner of public and private entities facing the challenge of sustainable development of traceability and productivity on a daily basis. In particular, Abaco was chosen by the UK government to develop the platform for managing subsidies under the CAP and will continue to do so during the period of Britain’s exit from the EU. Since June 2019, Abaco has been an investee company of Taste of Italy, an Italian fund specializing in the agribusiness sector managed by DeA Capital Alternative Funds SGR. In 2021 ABACO was included in the report “Food traceability market (technology&software) global forecast to 2025” by Markets and Markets, one of the world’s leading Market Research companies. As of April 2021, Abaco is part of the Private Sector Guiding Group, which aims to engage some of the key private sector players in the preparation of the United Nations Food System Summit. The Group’s headquarters are in Mantua, Italy. The company also has offices in Rome and the United Kingdom.