Abaco launches “Abaco AGRI,” the software solution for the new Common Agricultural Policy Giulia 28 July 2021

Abaco launches “Abaco AGRI,” the software solution for the new Common Agricultural Policy

ABACO group launches Agri the solution to simplify relationship between paying agencies and beneficiaries of agricultural funds

Rome, July 28, 2021 – Abaco Group, the European reference player in the provision of software solutions for the management and control of territorial resources oriented to precision agriculture and environmental sustainability, has launched “Abaco Agri,” the new software solution intended for national and local governments to manage the Integrated Management and Control System of payments of funds for agriculture. The platform was also created thanks to the technical-scientific contributions developed during the work of the Agritech Innovation Think Tank (TAI), created by Abaco in collaboration with CESAR (Agricultural Center for Rural Development at the University of Perugia) to study and draw the guidelines of the agriculture of the future.

The goal of the new platform is to streamline management processes through the implementation of a monitoring system of environmental indicators, valid for the purpose of reporting the results required for the disbursement of funds and structural under the new CAP 2023-2027 in order to promote good practices in line with the objectives set by the EU strategy.

Abaco Agri  simplify the relationship between paying agencies and beneficiaries of funds (farmers, agribusinesses, public bodies) and to securely manage the activities in charge for all types of operators, enabling the updating, correction and monitoring of the exchange of agricultural practices, thus facilitating a more modern and innovative administration of resources. This is in light of the importance with the new European programming, the monitoring of results and performance, which-if not achieved-affect the disbursement of funding.

“We have gained many years of experience, both nationally and internationally and today our Group is already a partner of excellence for several governments,” said Antonio Samaritani, CEO of Abaco Group. “We chose to invest in a new platform to anticipate the requirements of the new CAP in terms of focus on performance and indicator monitoring capability related to environmental sustainability so as to ensure our clients and the market have a ready solution when the new Common Agricultural Policy comes into force. Our know-how in digitizing processes in the field has proven invaluable in the design of the new platform, and we are confident it will prove critical in reducing error rates related to the monitoring of required indicators, which will need to be collected and reported to Brussels to understand whether member states have spent funds correctly.”

Abaco, founded in 1990, has 30 years of experience in land management software development. Thanks to its vocation for innovation, the company has enabled it to anticipate the needs of an evolving market and become a trusted partner of public and private entities facing the challenge of sustainable development of traceability and productivity on a daily basis. In particular, Abaco was chosen by the UK government to develop the platform for managing subsidies under the CAP and will continue to do so during the period of Britain’s exit from the EU. Since June 2019, Abaco has been an investee company of Taste of Italy, an Italian fund specializing in the agribusiness sector managed by DeA Capital Alternative Funds SGR. In 2021 ABACO was included in the report “Food traceabilitymarket (technology& software) global forecast to 2025” by Markets and Markets, one of the world’s leading Market Research companies. As of April 2021, Abaco is part of the Private Sector Guiding Group, which aims to engage some of the key private sector players in the preparation of the United Nations Food System Summit. The Group’s headquarters are in Mantua, Italy. The company also has offices in Rome and the United Kingdom.